Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Anchorage Ski Outlook - 11.23.2022

Thurs - Fri: moderate temps, light snow, light winds (high confidence).
Thursday starts out clear and calm before snow and clouds arrive lasting into Friday. Clouds/snow arrive first for Thompson Pass/Valdez then the rest of our mountains as the storm moves west. Moderate snow for Thompson Pass with generally light snow elsewhere. No rain concerns. Winds ramp up Friday afternoon as the storm departs.

Weekend: cold, clear, windy (high confidence).
Temps drop thru the weekend with inversions for Granite Creek, East Anchorage, and the Mint Valley. Clearing least complete for Thompson Pass. Strong winds (especially Saturday) for Portage/Whittier, Seward, Thompson Pass/Valdez, the Anchorage Front Range, and Turnagain ridgetops.

Early Next Week: cold, dry, windy (moderate confidence).
Temps keep dropping with a break in the wind Monday. Slight chance of light snow Monday for Turnagain, Portage, and Whittier. Strong winds Tuesday for Valdez/Thompson Pass and to a lesser extent Whitter/Portage and Seward. Ridgetop winds elsewhere. Strong inversions for Granite Creek, East Anchorage, the Mint Valley, and Portage.

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