Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rae Wallace - 3.18.2016

Friday was Ethan's last day in town, so we wanted to take him somewhere fun. We'd done a lot of great adventuring, and as such were leaning towards a higher ski to bushwhack ratio. Maybe even something without dirt on the approach!

Cody watches Alex wrap up his warm up run.

Though we often ski Rae Wallace on our way thru to Archangel, I've never just spent a day lapping its steep and rocky chutes and spines, but I've always wanted to.

Alex and I spent Thursday chewing on weather forecasts and avalanche data as we decided between another Eagle River adventure and Hatcher. As soon as I dropped into the sheltered north facing terrain I was happy with our decision. Alex was too:

Mary also seemed happy with the decision.

Lap number 2.

Several other groups were out there enjoying the wonderful weather and soft snow. Always nice to run into friends!

There was quite a bit of moving snow, both from sloughing and smaller slabs. Ethan practicing slough management for when he comes back to ski Polar Bear and Rumble next year.

Alex finding snow that was more interested in staying put. I tried to ski the spine to Alex's left, which immediately slid, quickly ending that plan as I fled to safety.

Mary happily discussing the virtues of weight vests as related to spine skiing technique and other related and unrelated activities. In case you can't tell, I think she wearing one here:

For our last run we continued higher along the ridge to more untouched snow. As had been the trend thru the whole day, another storm slab immediately peeled away below Alex. It was probably because of all that leg power from a winter spent running stairs with a 65 pound sand bag.

Looks like the sand bag stairs were just the ticket!

Ethan skied a nice flute for his last AK lap of the trip. Hurry back so we can do more bushwhacking!

Looking back up at the end of the day; blue skies, falling snow, and good peeps: lucky me!

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