Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Home Sweet Home

In our endless quest to avoid spending our lives at desks, Rachel and I have taken jobs as fishery technicians in the Prince William Sound. Our "home" is now a 25 meter trawler named the R/V Cathy G. The Cathy G was built in the Covacevich Shipyard of Biloxi, Mississippi during the Gulf shrimping boom of the 70s. After helping to decimate the shrimp population of the west coast it was bought out by the feds. In 2004, Matt and Heidi bought it and turned it into a research vessel and basecamp.

The Cathy G with our landing craft moored next to it:

The Galley:

The work shed:



The bunkrooms:

Our room:

Looking towards the stern with the landing craft in tow:

The back deck:

On board the landing craft headed towards Hinchinbrook Island:

Free time:

Photo: Katie Froning

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