Monday, August 27, 2012

Looking Back: Winter 2011 - 2012 Review

I'm sure as hell itching for ski season, so I figured its about time to post up my best stoke from last winter in Colorado and Alaska.

Even with minimal snow, last season was so so so FUN, here's to another memory filled season with friends new and old!

The touring season got off to a bit of a late start, but by the beginning of November Saint Mary's had a creamy coat of new snow:

A week later our early season zones were filling in:

Yep, that was fun!

Around the middle of November I moved down to Crested Butte for the winter. Things were a bit firm:

But, on November 19th, two inches in town meant snorkeling up high:

Not to say that the snow was building up around town:

Even the Front Range had some fun skiing:

December brought small pillows and more pow:

Colorado dried out for a while, but exploring new zones meant life was good:

By January, even the northern mountains were beginning to look like winter:

In early January we went to Wolf Creek Pass, it hadn't snowed in three weeks, it was awesome:

Wolf Creek Pass was so good that we went back...which got off to a bit of a rough start after Nick's sled died:

9 miles from the trailhead...

Our luck quickly improved:

Nick and I practiced our tandem pow slaying:

Then it started snowing, and the avy danger shot up, so we built little jumps:

and medium sized ones:

and big ones:

Did more exploring:

Started the long road of learning how to sled:

Brett came to visit:

Not to say there wasn't skiing to be had:

In March the snowpack started to stabilize, more touring was had:

It also felt quite a bit like spring:

So...Josh skied Red Lady in about 3 turns:

Adam was nice enough to show us around:

More warm temps...and curious sledding conditions...

...brought a full on corn cycle:

...and smiles all around:

In April, Nick and I were lucky enough to go to Alaska. We left summer behind in CO:

Rented an RV in Anchorage and headed to Valdez:

Where we were treated to a day of epic flat light:

Followed by bluebird:

And more bluebird:

Sadly, we had to return the RV. Happily, Hatcher Pass was awesome:

Hatcher stayed good for days:

We weren't the only ones enjoying the weather:

Eventually, we headed back to CO, where it was still summer:

Met up with the usual suspects:

And skied some spring lines:

Unfortunately, my external hard drive was stolen at the beginning of the summer, and my main hard drive died shortly after. So, no season edit this season, but boy am I thankful for all the amazing memories that remain!

What a year! I feel so thankful to be part of such an amazing community of skiers, photographers, and amazing friends. I love you all!


  1. EPIC RECAP MIKE!!!! :) come back to AK!

    1. Thanks LP, wouldn't have been the same without you, thats for sure! One way or another, I'll be back, that's for sure!

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