Friday, March 2, 2012

2.29.2012 - Irwin Sledding

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Ironically, its due to all the new snow - the avalanche danger in the backcountry has been terrible lately, and the ski area hasn't been quite good enough to bring out the camera or the GoPro. But on Wednesday, photographer Jody Grigg and I headed out Kebler Pass to try to get some shots. Just like last time, we were hampered by high avalanche danger and flat light. After remotely triggering a small avalanche on a short pitch early in the morning I was on edge, so we focused on just getting sled shots. When I got home I heard that the southeast face of Owen, one of the places we nixed going because of the conditions, had produced a 1500 foot wide avalanche while we were out. As always its great to have a safe day out, and thanks to Jody for the GREAT shots!

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