Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More BC Booter Action

Sorry for the lack of posting lately! For the most part it is because we have been in a bit holding period lately: we finally got some snow, which boosted the avy danger in the bc, but it wasn't really enough snow to open much inbounds terrain. 

I've been thinking almost exclusively about building pow jumps lately, and had a great day with Matt about two weeks ago; but at the same time I realized that as of last Friday I'd skied only 9 days inbounds at CB, so I felt like I should suck it up and go hit some rocks! 

After a late start followed by a bit of looking we finally had a jump built by 3 PM today. Kind of late even for me :) Thanks to Jeff Welch for the great shots!

Jeff was nice enough to do the speed checking honors:
I warmed up with a little 3:
Ryan threw a big cork three on his first hit:
which didn't quite work out...
Jeff with a nice air despite two very sore knees:
Ryan with a big front flip under Gothic:
Beautiful views looking back towards town:
Today was actually the first time I've been up Washington Gulch, and I'm stoked! Its looks like there is some fun skiing up here, and LOTS of great jump spots. Despite the late start Ryan and I each hit our jump 4, which, with a couple of good bathtubs, was plenty to track out the landing. I'm definitely going back... maybe tomorrow.

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