Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coney's Gray Day Ski - 2.8.2012

After a fun day up Washington Gulch yesterday, Jeff and I headed back up today to check out Coney's. The start to our day was a bit delayed because we first had to snowmobile 5 miles past the start of the skin track and do some searching for a pair of sunglasses that had been left the day before...

But before long we were battling our skins...

And not long after that we were on top of the ridge, with the ski area behind us:

Coney's terrain reminds me of Vail's back bowls: mellow open fields. But with our current snowpack, I'm happy to ski mellow terrain and check out new places. Even on these mellower pitches we saw evidence of many recent avalanches, however I observed these exclusively on the more easterly aspects, and sticking to the more northerly lines we observed no signs of instability.

Jeff dropped in first, finding smooth, boot deep pow.

through the middle pitches...

and milking the last turns at the bottom.

As always, stoked to ski somewhere new. I'll definitely be going back here, its the kind of terrain that would make for glorious mellow pow turns.

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