Thursday, July 10, 2014

Crow Pass - 6.22.2014

Whit and Kelly are always coming up with great adventure ideas, but for whatever reason I keep getting thwarted on joining them. So, when they suggested a Crow Pass backpack, I couldn't wait to join. The weather wasn't perfect, so a weekend backpack ended up being a wonderful 35 km day hike.

Looking back down towards the Crow Pass trailhead, fun ski terrain back there.

A couple cool water falls just before the turn to the Jewel Glacier.
Photo: Kelly Bergkessel

Just past the turn off to the Jewel; one happy, soon to be very sore old pup.

The gang enjoys the view of Mount Yukla dominanting the skyline from the top of the pass.

Passing the Raven Glacier, I'm looking forward to skiing this next fall on a link up with the Jewel. Maybe the Milk too?

Joining up with Raven Creek, Yukla still looking rad back there:
Photo: Kelly Bergkessel

The crew checking out a deeply incised gorge before crossing the Raven. This spot would be ideal for a zip line...

Green, green, green! Probably a good place to find a bear too.


Half way done, ready to cross the Eagle River. It always blows me away how painfully cold glacier runoff is. Alex and I were the only ones who didn't have the presence of mind to bring sandals or trekking poles. I think that's the Eagle Glacier back there:

The Eagle River Valley is drop dead gorgeous, everyone knows how much I hate, I mean, like hiking, but this hike ruled.
Photo: Kelly Bergkessel


10 km from the end Alex and I finally were over walking and decided to run the last part. Attempting to keep up with him was quite punishing; I can never decide whether Alex, Robert, or Malcolm is faster. Polar Bear Peak on the right:
Photo: Diane Landry

At some point during the run we caught a glimpse of other runners around the next corner, obviously this produced a sprint that lasted til the end. I remember looking up as we passed a group of hikers, they all had the "are you about to die?" look on their faces; Yes. Looking back at Eagle Peak from the nature center:

Great day with spectacular scenery, I'd do this again in a second. Next time I'd like to run the whole thing.

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