Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12.1.2013 - All Time???

After an absolutely awesome day at Hatcher on Saturday, we couldn't wait to head back north the next day. We pulled into the parking lot just as the midwinter sun was beginning to color the mountains with incredible oranges and purples.

I used to think Colorado was a small world, then I moved to Alaska. The previous day we ran into one of our good friends from Cordova, and familiar faces were parked all around us. Then on Sunday, one of my coworkers parked next to us. Then, of course, on the skin track we passed a group of skiers from Crested Butte. Of course they knew some of our friends from back in CO.

With clear skies, warm temps, and a calm breeze we were happy to be out of the car and climbing into the sun.

We started our day on a sunbathed east face that we drooled over the day before, working our way from one safe zone to the next.

Getting into the groove:

Opening it up lower down:

At the bottom, the low sun which had warmed us the first lap was already hidden behind a ridge. So, we headed back up and towards another zone we had seen from above.

Rachel dropped into our second run first, sending a nice cornice air at the top before dropping back into the shade.

My turn for turns!

With the short day coming to an end way too quickly, we threw our skins back on and headed for one last south facing run.

Rachel topping out while pretending to be unimpressed by the sleeping giants of North America's tallest peaks.

After taking a moment to enjoy the solitude and views of the Alaska Range to the north, the Chugach to the south, and the Talkeetnas all around us, we dropped in.

Until next time sun.

Not done yet!

Hatcher was absolutely incredible last weekend, the coverage is getting close to what its been like in the spring the last two years, we can only pray that it will continue.

As I've sat at my desk this week, studying a river in the area, I'm constantly reminded of the beauty and friendly people all around us. I can't wait for the next day bathed in golden light.

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