Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mt. Emmons Ski - 3.21.2012

Today Josh, Adam and I had a great tour on Mount Emmons, just west of town. We did a lap on Red Lady Bowl, skinned back up to the top and dropped west into Redwell Basin, then finished with a short skin to Wrong Chute.

To start the day, Josh and I dropped a car off at the Slate river trailhead before picking up Adam and heading to the Kebler trailhead. As always the views were amazing on the skin up Emmons; the requisite shot of the Castles:

Josh takes in Whiterock Mountain and Castle Peak:

Two and a half hours after leaving the car we were at the top. With a cold wind we were all ready to get going ASAP. Adam dropped first:

and cranked turns through the upper pitch of the bowl:

Josh followed:

At the bottom we skirted right out of the bowl and rejoined the skin track from the morning. Before long we were at the top of Redwell. We weren't the first people there:

A tight choke...

...lead to fast carveable pow. Adam:



looking back up:

then, one last short skin to Wrong Chute

which included more incredible views; the Peeler Lakes Basin with Mount Owen in the background:

Wolverine Basin:

before long we were skiing again, Adam:

At the bottom it felt like spring:

accompanied with more great views: Augusta, Mineral Point, and Purple Mountain:

What a day! This has been the year of late starts and short tours. It feels great to get in some vertical, ski in a new area, and find more lines to add to the wish list!

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