Friday, December 16, 2011

Back in CB

Between going to San Francisco, finishing up my degree, and a day at Wolf Creek I've been gone from CB for over two weeks. Although, Wolf Creek was fun, I'm glad to be back to the relatively stable and deeper snowpack around CB.

Yesterday Josh and I went up to the Anthracites for an afternoon tour. As we approached the top some light clouds came in framing the Raggeds:

The Anthracites were in and out of the fog as we stood and enjoyed the late afternoon winter light:

The first lap was great, I even got to ski some pillows!

As we headed back up for a second lap Josh's skins failed completely. After a 30 minute battle this put a decisive end to our day.

Although the Anthracites were great they were quickly getting tracked out, so today we decide to head a little farther out. For part of the skin we raced the setting moon:

Nice looking turns up high:

By the time we reached the top it was amazing how much the temperatures had changed: I started skinning in my down jacket, ski jacket, face mask, balaclava, and helmet; by the top I was sweating profusely in my short sleeve long underwear.

Fortunately, the north facing terrain was well protected from the warm sun. Adam dropping in:



Yours truly (photo Nick Matisse):

We had the zone to ourselves seeing only one other group, but when we arrived back at the start of the skin there were close to 10 sleds parked next to mine!


  1. Bra-vo, sir!

    I wish my body and gear were rigged for BC touring around CB...

    I'm getting stoked to partake in some inbounds madness!

  2. Great photos,, Looks like some good pow out there! Merry Xmas!! ~David