Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anthracites Ski - 11.16.2011

Today Zach and I headed up to Kebler Pass to see if we could find something to ski. Because I had just arrived in CB last night and Zach had been out of town as well we didn't know what to expect. 

Over the last couple years I have become accustomed to skiing zones and ranges I know pretty well or at least have seen before. This was the first time I have been in this area, and like always, it was a treat to see something new! I spent the skin up enjoying the views, its different than the front range here as most of the terrain lies below treeline. 

This cliff wall is what ski dreams are made of. I wonder if anyone has ever skied it?

Marcellina Mountain

The Rubys and the terrain of CS Irwin

The Raggeds
Reaching the top we did a short 500 vertical foot investigatory lap through some open trees. It felt good to ski the first steeper powder I've skied this year. The snow skied well, but we could feel the windslab from last weekend's storm under our feet. Switching back over to our skins we quickly reached the top again and went to check out a slightly more open and steeper chute just left of our last lap.

Looking into it we could clearly see where a scarily deep slide had released on a crossloaded north aspect. We wanted none of this so we continued to some mellower terrain farther to the left. Dropping in this run was better than the first: no tracks, deeper snow and more fun terrain. After about 700 vertical feet we reached the bottom of the line and more ski tracks. So, we headed back up to regain our old ski track.

Zach on our second lap

Early winter afternoon light
For our last lap we headed to the right of our previous two laps. Although not as steep and with heavier snow than the other laps, this lap provided the longest sustained pitch of the day (1300' vert). It was great to link turns through the mellow terrain.

Zach on our third lap

It was great to get out in a new zone with a new touring partner. I'm looking forward to many days in this area. The skiing was good up high, hopefully with another storm the terrain down low will start to fill in.

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