Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1st Bowl - Mt. Axtell - 3.23.2011

Today I got a relatively early start and drove down to CB. Given the late start we went for a tour on Axtel, I've never skied Axtel before and I was VERY impressed with the terrain up there. I think there are something like 6 distinct bowls on Axtel, with varying levels of avalanche danger and and terrain. The first dust layer of the year came with this storm, which is too bad, definitely not as thick of a layer as last year, but its there. It was fun to get into a little bigger BC terrain than I'm used too, but the sloughing was something I have never experienced before. This was a combination of the dust layer, the hard snow layer, and the steepness of the terrain.

Adam inspects a VERY VERY sick contraption.

Axtel's 1st Bowl

Adam Buckwalter - High contrast so all the sloughs are visible.

Me - Photo: Matt Teuling
Coal Creek