Saturday, February 5, 2011

Berthoud Pass Skiing - 2.5.2011

More framegrabs. I know they aren't that exciting, but hopefully add some stoke for edits to come. Plus I love the angles they can provide that you can so rarely get with a still camera.

Erik and I had initially planned on skiing the terrain park zone in Rocky Mountain National Park, but pulled the plug in the driveway this morning after getting word that we would probably just being skiing dust on crust. Skied Berthoud instead. Every line was new for me, it was awesome. Lots of extremely light powder. Around 1:30 the avalanche danger suddenly began to rise and by 3 it was more than time to get out of there.
Erik Mehus - DEEP
West Side
Erik Mehus - 90s

Triple Rock

West Face
West Face
Erik Mehus - Triple Rock

Time to go

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