Monday, March 3, 2014

Harp Ski - 2.25.2014

Well...I've decided to quit my job. Unfortunately, this does not leave me funemployed as I have foolishly taken another job. But, it does mean that, well, I'm feeling less pressure at work.

Due to this new-found lack of consequences, I decided to leave work early last Wednesday to go for an evening ski with another delinquent coworker. Beta from a client of our other delinquent teammate was good snow up Hiland Road, we figured it would only be appropriate to confirm.

Out of the alders and into the sun:

That looks like a good post-office lap:

Getting there, come on boys, we have work to do, and its not in the office!

Great sunset views from the top - looking deep into the Chugach:

Ram and Falling Water Valleys, I believe.

I think I see my office, I wonder who is still there...

Delinquent #2 dropping in right as the sun sets:

Into the dusk:

Greg finding good snow in the post sunset glow:

Still deep:

And miles to go before I sleep...

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