Monday, January 25, 2016

The Library Ski - 12.24.2015

Tired from a long and cold tour the previous day, I was trying to motivate for another big day. Fortunately, there was absolutely no way Brady or Alex were going to let me get away with lazy behavior. The Library was decided on.

With the sky getting pink overhead, I awoke out of my morning fog to find us jogging up Tincan Creek. Better yet, we were following the tracks of a wolverine that had probably been jogging even faster. If nothing else it had very very sharp claws.

Photo: Alex Geilich

Next thing I knew, we were wallowing our way up a delicious spine. Around this point I realized that if I leaned back, I would have plenty of time to regret it while I plummeted towards the valley floor.

Photo: Brady Deal

Despite these dark thoughts, deeper snow, and questionable rock-snow stemming technique, we made it to the top of the first line. Alex feeling the stoke:

I dropped first, gleefully watching the storm snow peel off and slough into the gullies on either side.
Photo: Brady Deal

We watched from a safe spot as Brady ripped by us:

Then it was time for more exercise! I thought that this climb reminded me of a stair machine, but Alex pointed out that it was really just more like stairs. Brady holding his own without Verts:

Looking south at all sorts of fun; Fat and Skinny Santa Claus Chutes on the left, Pastoral on the right.

As the wind changed to the east, signalling the arrival of next storm, it quickly got dark. The light was even more quickly getting flatter. So, we ran to the top and dropped in. Brady: 


So dark. So good.

I bet that by the next time Brady will have a pair of Verts.

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