Saturday, December 22, 2012

Slate River Ski - 12.22.2012

After a three week hiatus from skiing, Sam and I headed down to Crested Butte late last night. As I'm still a bit limited by a shoulder separation, Sam was nice enough to humor me with some meadow skipping. A late start brought us to the Slate River Trailhead, apparently the rest of the world had the same idea:
Jumping on the sled, we headed for some mellow glades that I've seen before, but always just driven by. Again, everyone else seemed to have had the same idea, there were already about 10 sleds at the bottom of the skin track when we pulled up. Regardless, the skin track was quiet and everyone we saw was glad to be out sharing the beauty of the mountains. Mineral Point and Purple Mountain:
Sam with Gothic behind:
Sam ripping on teles:
more telewhacking:
stoked to be out:

what a beautiful world it is!

A little different and more mellow day than some, but really, any day spent outside with friends is a great day, isn't it?

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