Monday, December 24, 2012

Berthoud Pass Ski - 12.24.2012

Yesterday, on the way back from Crested Butte, Sam and I turned around from a tour on Monarch Pass after experiencing gaping shooting cracks, rumbling collapses, and a thin snowpack. Knowing we might very well have a similar experience, Rachel and I headed up to check out Berthoud Pass today. Snow was falling by the time we left the parking lot for our first lap. We started with a run down the west side meadows, picking our way down to the Peter Rabbit Hut.

Needless to say, its still a little thin in the 90s and 100s:

After a cozy lunch at the hut we headed for the Perfect Trees, arriving at the top to peaceful, calm snow fall.

Although still thin, the Perfect Trees had the best snow of the day.

From there we headed over to the 110s:

It was the first time we'd skied the 110s, and it was fun to see new terrain, but there is not enough snow there yet.

Overall, a great day out in a winter wonderland. Snow fell all day, and very unusually, there was almost no wind even on exposed ridgelines. I'm looking forward to going back to Current Creek after a few more storms.