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Anthracites Ski - 12.31.2013

Since buying my ticket back to Colorado for the holidays, all I've been thinking about is touring in the snow zones of Crested Butte's backcountry. On Sunday, we headed south from the Front Range, and yesterday we got out for the tour that I've been dreaming of. An 11 km sled ride brought us to the Anthracite Wilderness Area west of town.

Skinning through the familiar and silent old growth forest brought back many fond memories as we approached our first run. Looking south from the top of the skin-track past the Playground and Ohio Creek. Maybe someday we'll have a nice little cabin back there...

The Athracites are affectionately referred to as the Anthracite Mountain Resort because of their popularity with the ski community here. But, a short detour off the standard skin-track, and we were standing on top of 400 vertical meters of untracked.

Photo: Jordan Scheremeta

We worked our way down, leap frogging from bench to bench. Jordan leaning it over:

Lindsay slashing a turn:

All too soon we were at the bottom of our run, but ready to head back up for more. As always the altitude of Colorado really makes me suffer, but with partners like these I could skin all day. Jordan and Lindsay ready to drop into our second line:

For our second run we explored a little bit farther north, finding more untouched trees.

Photo: Jordan Scheremeta

Jordan surfing the settled pow:

Not down yet!

Photo: Jordan Scheremeta

At the bottom, with burning quads, we put the skins back on and headed up the familiar skin track. Again, we headed a bit farther north, exploring another series of perfect windows and glades. Scrubbing speed after a steep pitch:

Photo: Jordan Scheremeta


Photo: Jordan Scheremeta

Jordan disappearing into a powder cloud of his own making on the last pitch:

Time to head home:

I think it had been over a week since the last significant snowfall, but what a day! I wish I could spend every day skinning through silent forests with great friends and an awesome sister. Thanks to Jordan for all the great pictures!!!

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