Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whittier - 4.5.2013

After an amazing line on TT43 the previous day, we were all excited to get back out, and decided to check out some of the amazing terrain we had seen around Whittier. A sled bump up the glacier brought us to the bottom of the zone.

Photo: Matt Cameron

Not a bad place to wait for the rest of the crew.

Photo: Matt Cameron

With this face in mind we headed towards the ridge:

Looking back towards Nick, Danny and the Portage Glacier valley:

Photo: Matt Cameron

Reaching the ridge, we were greeted by the absolutely jaw-dropping views of Blackstone Bay:

Photo: Matt Cameron

Not bad summit views:

After discussing line choices from the top of the bowling ball, I dropped first. First turn in, breakable crust. Second turn, breakable crust - I was sure it would get better, but nope - breakable crust the whole way down the steepest pitch I've been on in my life. For reference, it was like taking Crested Butte's Rambo, tilting it up 10 degrees, moving it 5 miles up a glacier, then throwing a terrifying breakable crust on it. After listening to my turns, the boys tried a different aspect.

Matt feeling the pitch:

Nick holds on:

Matt making some darn challenging conditions look easy:

Danny working into the mellower pitches

wow...that was gnarly...

After one of the more intense ski experiences of our lives, we headed for a mellower ramp to recuperate. A sled assisted bootpack brought us back to the ridgeline.

Photo: Matt Cameron

Good snow and great views on the second run:

Nick in the apron:

With the next storm rolling in, we had time for one last run. Danny goes over the edge as Matt watches from below:

As the weather went from milky to cloudy we called it a day.

But, not before a quick stop in the harbor to check out some cute otters.

Quite a day - there's a lot of great terrain around Whittier, but its seemingly common gap winds make it hard to hit in the right conditions.

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