Thursday, April 18, 2013

Twin Peaks Ski - 4.13.2013

On the 12th we headed out to the Twin Peaks area on the south end of Turnagain Pass, but due to a late start, really really cold wind, snow stability analysis, and some stomach issues we called it a day after a lap. The next day with warmer temperatures and an earlier start we couldn't wait to head back to the same area. The zone for the day:

Putting in the skin track on the previous day:

Rachel gaining the ridge:

We started with a lap off the north bowl back towards the pass. The steep vertical available here is so awesome, after Danny disappeared over the edge of the bowling ball I counted to 60 before he came back into view below. Rachel, in the middle of the pitch, enjoying the fresh snow right before getting dropped in on by some goon and his dog:

This kind of behavior breaks all forms of backcountry etiquette which exist for the sole purpose of reducing the likelihood of burial in an avalanche, particularly the likelihood of a multiple burial. Its so common (and dangerous) up here to see people who have completely turned off their avalanche awareness because they are in a maritime snowpack. The person who dropped in on top of Rachel has lived and skied here for years and should know better.

I followed Rachel down the bowl, then Matt brought up the rear:

Snowboarders may not be able to do spread eagles, but they can wheelie...

At the bottom of the face we ate lunch and planned future lines across the valley on TT43:

Then it was back up with hopes of skiing a cool ramp we'd seen off one of the peaks.

At the ridge we switched to a bootpack that we hoped would bring us to the summit:

hmmm...thats a bit more technical than we hoped, next time...


So, we chose a long and protected west face. Matt breaking off a small slab avalanche that perfectly exemplifies why two people should never ski a slope at the same time.


Danny joins Matt at the bottom:

Yep, another fun lap in the books.

Time to head back up:

And now for over a vertical km of pow back to the car! Rachel:

Meeting up down below:

And some alder skiing to finish it up:

A beautiful day of long vertical and sustained pitch in a zone the sees less traffic than much of Turnagain Pass. Can't wait to get back and check off the lines from the top of the peaks.


  1. Agreed that dropping in on top of people is becoming more of a problem as of late - but are you sure you're calling out the right person?

    1. Yeah, I'm sure it was dongshow. At least thats who he told me he was as he followed us up our skintrack.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. pretty sure that was max and sue, i haven't skied turny all season

  4. ^^^ if that's true you should take down that link, Mike.