Monday, November 28, 2011

Slate River Ski - 11.26.2011

As of Friday night at 6 PM I had been planning on staying on the Front Range until heading out for San Francisco, but after another mediocre day of inbounds day at Loveland, and discovering our touring plan for Saturday was a little bit out of reach we made a last minute decision to head down to CB.

Rachel and I left Boulder a bit after 8, picked up Grete at 9, and were in CB by 1 AM. Not bad considering we were driving through a blizzard for the majority of the drive!

In the morning we drove to the trailhead, and after a quick sled  we were at the beginning of the skin. This was by far the longest trandem we’ve done, and I’m happy to say it went quite well, especially as the upgraded ski rack can easily hold three pairs. Grete also acquired some unexplained, moist, long animals intestines on her skis over the course of the ride.

From the get go it was clear Rachel's skins we not working. I'd rather not even count the number of times I looked back to see her sliding backwards down the skin track. 

But, somehow she kept going and we eventually reached the ridge. Purple in the late afternoon light:
The skiing wasn't as deep as its been lately, but its still hard to beat 1500' of soft snow through open glades. Plus, it certainly was better than whats available on the front range right now. 

On Sunday we went up to the Anthracites to do LOTS of beacon practice, then skied a lap. Even in the trees the snow was some of the most challenging man-eating crust I've skied in recent memory. I was blown away by how much the snow had changed over the course of 24 hours and 10 miles. Can't wait for the next storm!

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