Saturday, May 14, 2011

Marjorie Ski - 5.14.2011

Yesterday Erik and I made the absolutely disastrous mistake of trying turn a quick morning sled-ski into and exploratory mission. Heres some insight into the good and the bad of how that went....                 

Really really stuck

Today I was looking for something significantly more mellow, so we decided on Marjorie Bowl on the north side of Lenawee Mountain just northeast of A-Basin ski area. I had never skied this little zone before and was very excited to finally check it out, its cool and quick and I will definitely be back there. The climb involves a quick skin from the upper A Basin parking lot to the bottom of the Marjorie and then a hike/skin up along the ridgeline.

The Route
Looking up Shit for Brains Coulior

For the last month every time we have gone out something has gone wrong, this time it was Grete's ski carry system that failed.

A mountain goat observes some of the local wildlife...
Jordan Scheremeta
Grete Gansauer
Rachel Ertz
We weren't the only people who thought Marjorie was a good idea.
Little Jordan in a big world...

All in all a cool little area with quick and easy access to fun terrain!

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