Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Berthoud Pass Skiing - 4.27.2011

Following the 2+ feet of snow that fell in the Front Range mountains last Monday night through Wednesday morning, Erik, Matt and I went up to Berthoud Pass for a morning mission. Well aware that the April sun would soon be baking all aspects, and had already had a strong effect on southerly aspects we quickly headed towards northerly facing terrain. We skied a long lap through the 100s, then a lap on the west side, followed by two laps in the 80s. The 80s are amazing right now, its really awesome to see what kind of an effect an extremely above average year like this can have covering up lots of large, pointy rocks.

Erik Mehus - Heading to the 80s

Matt Teuling - The 100s

Matt Teuiling - The 80s

Matt Teuling - The 80s

Alex - The 100s

Skier: Mike Records     Photo: Erik Mehus - The 80s

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