Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fabio's First Day Out: 45 miles and 10 laps

Today was my first day out my new sled. Ben, Erik, Andrew and I went up to Jones pass. The snow was a little firm in the morning, but just got better throughout the day. It was a great time to practice tandeming and test out the ski rack for the sled, which still needs a bit of work! We got in 10 laps today, and 5 for each person. Obviously I we have a way to go before being sled experts, let alone slightly proficient, but I'm stoked to say I think we are at the point we can efficiently tandem sled-ski!!! A couple frame grabs from today:

Ben & I kicking ass tandeming

Getting our asses kicked

Erik enjoying the goods!

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  1. how is your switch snowmobiling coming along? :)