Friday, March 25, 2011

2nd Bowl Ski - Axtell - 3.25.2011

Before heading back to Boulder today, we decided to get out for an early lap on Axtell. Sidney, Rob, and Tom were nice enough to give us a tour of 2nd bowl and point us towards some great lines. On Wednesday we skied 1st Bowl on Axtell. Which, at the top, was one of the steepest BC powder runs I have skied. 2nd bowl was way better though: longer, steeper, deeper, more stable, better terrain, and generally more fun. There was actually less sloughing in 2nd bowl than in 1st bowl, but sloughing still left channels of dusty crust in its path. The terrain here is amazing, it truly reminds me of pictures and video you see of cat skiing in British Columbia: stable snow, spines, pillows, and perfect open trees. All in all, a great tour with great people!

Pillow Land

Rob Dickinson

Matt Teuling

Tom Runcie

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