Tuesday, February 22, 2011

50 Days!

I hit 50 days on the year this weekend! I feel like I have been skiing a lot, but since I don't keep track of more than just my total for each season its hard to compare. There have certainly been a lot of great days this year though! Assuming I ski 2 days a week through May and perhaps 5 over the summer I'll hit 83, 1 short of tying my person all time record of 84 days. A few found memories from this year:

Porcupine Ridge - Loveland Opening Day

Chair 9 - Loveland Pass, October 29th

Sniktau, Grays, Torreys - Dry Gulch, October 30th

White-tailed Ptarmigan - Dry Gulch, November 5th

Brennan Metzler - Dry Gulch, November 12

Tyler Cline - Loveland, December

Adam Buckwalter - Loveland, December

Mike Records, Photo: Ethan Vimont - Loveland, January 22nd
This is why I ski at Loveland

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