Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Taos Salomon Extreme Freeride Championships: Inspection Day

Arrived at Taos today after an early (4:30) departure from Boulder for the Salomon Extreme Freeride Championships. The drive only took 5 hours on mostly deserted roads. I have never been to Taos, and I am definitely surprised with the terrain. Its awesome here! I honestly think it has about as good of terrain as Crested Butte. Unfortunately the snow to date for the year is ONLY 99 inches! But despite that the skiing is really good. Plus, there are few things as fun as seeing a new place!

The schedule is as follow:
Thursday 3/3/2011: Qualifiers
Friday 3/4/2011: Day 1
Saturday 3/5/2011: Finals
Sunday 3/6/2011: Weather day

Qualifiers will be on the West Basin Ridge from Stauffenberg through St. Bernard. Friday's venue includes the qualifier venue plus thru Thunderbird, I think. Finals is hopefully going to be on Kachina Peak, although the organizers say their are high winds in the forecast, though I'm not really sure wtf their sources are, which could cause a delay or the venue to be moved. Definitely some awesome terrain in here, although the hucking and lines are very limited by the current snow conditions.

A couple pictures of the venues:

Entire Qualifiers Venue

Qualifiers Venue

Qualifiers Venue, Skiers Left

Qualifiers Venue, Athlete Inspection

Qualifiers Venue, Athlete Inspection

Day Two Venue, Skiers Right

Day Two Venue, Middlish

Finals Venue, Kachina Peak

Finals Venue???, Kachina Ridge/Peak
Taos gnar

More Taos gnar

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