Friday, December 9, 2011

San Francisco

I just got back from a week in San Francisco, and I have to admit, I’m exhausted! But nevertheless I had a great time, especially since I didn't really miss any spectacular skiing. I was there for the AGU fall conference, an enormous geophysical conference with over 19400 registered presenters.

I’ve never been to the AGU conference, or even SF before, so everything about it was an adventure for me. I always love going new places if for no other reason than the amazingly heightened awareness that traveling produces. 

Below are a couple pictures from the last week. I've never really tried to take cityscapes pictures  before, and I was quite surprised just how challenging it was.

The first night I was there I went for a nice 7 mile walk by myself north through town then walked back along the water past Fisherman's wharf and the Embarcadero. Normally I HATE walking, but in a new place the slow pace really was nice for soaking everything up.

On Wednesday Jose, Scott and I, who I have shared an office with for the last year,  rented bikes and went for a fun ride around town. 

The bikes allowed us to cover a lot more ground than I had been able to on foot a few days earlier. We made it up to the Golden Gate Bridge just in time for sunset: 

Yesterday morning Jose and I took a bus across town to Lincoln Park and Land's End. It was beautiful over there, especially with the light fog over the water: 

It was nice to get into another part of town where it looked like families could actually live:

I really haven't spent that much time in big cities, but the thing that really blew me away was how well every seemed to get along on the streets. In Boulder(and Colorado in general) where there is hardly any traffic and large devoted bike lanes people are constantly honking, cutting people off, hazing bicycles, refusing to let people change lanes, and generally not paying any attention to the road. In particularly I was really surprised how little honking there was, and despite the traffic how patient everyone was. SF, may not be for me, but I think back in Colorado, where we have all sorts of space and really insignificant traffic, people could  learn to be quite a bit less ridiculous and remember they really aren't that rad.

This all coming from an extraordinarily impatient person...

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