Monday, September 19, 2011

Offseason Entertainment: Trailer Improvement

Last season when I bought my sled I also bought a used trailer. Not only did this trailer needed some work when I bought it, I also managed to abuse it a bit once I got it. I've enjoyed having some time this fall to fix and improv it! While working on it I've found several design components that I not only would have done designed differently, but which downright mystified me (i.e. wiring hanging below trailer frame). Other pieces of the design are great (i.e. extra nut for ski clamp welded to bottom of trailer) Here is what I have done:

At work
Dad is a project expert
New deck
New tail light (pretty sure an angry cross country skier removed the old one with a swift kick)
New tongue coupler
New wheel covers
Improved wiring
New license plate rack
Bent hangers
Straight hangers
Fixed ski clamp
Now that I've finished this project I can move on to working on my sled. Actually, I think there is less wrong with the sled then with the trailer (knock on wood), which I can attribute to the awesome friend I bought it from.

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