Friday, March 4, 2011

Taos Salomon Extreme Freeride Championships: Day 2

 Day Two - 36th place

Woke up really sick today, the only run I skied all day was my comp run, and it showed when I fell (excuses excuses). Next time I'm in that situation I'll probably just call it quits. It was really fun watching the men and women skiers. Particularly, the top 7ish women, several of the prequalified men, and the Crested Butte crew really stood out from everybody else.  Mostly just pictures of the women here, cause it actually started to snow later in the day today. I was particularly bummed to see Alex Riedman not make the cut, I thought that she skied a harder and more fluid line than several of the girls who made it through, but I guess thats just the deal with judged events. Also, it was very respectable to see Ryan Banker hike back out of a large cliff zone rather than risky a very dangerous drop into such a shallow snowpack, knowing that it would ruin his score. Considering how sick I am, we are going to just head home, so there will not be a finals update.

Top: Alex Riedman
Bottom: Angel Collinson - sent this air bigger than any man or woman in the last 2 days.

HARD landings

One of the many really good women

Erik Mehus again!

Blurry me!

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