Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Headlamp Skiing

This should be titled moonlight skiing, but that would be a lie. I haven't been moonlight skiing this year primarily because its snowed on almost all the full moons. Of course this is a good thing, and I am definitely not complaining about it! Well, now I know that 73% of full is not really that close to a full moon, nor had the moon risen high enough to illuminate the area we were skiing by the time we headed home at 2. That being said, I had a blast skiing with Conor, Matt, and Sam, and as Conor put it, skiing by head lamp sort of feels like being in a space ship in star wars!

Sam, Matt & I descend by moonlight.
Photo: Conor Byrne

Looking North: Mine Dumps, Trelease, Bethel, Mt Parnassus & more!
Photo: Conor Byrne

Idiot's cornice & the north basin of Loveland Pass

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